Gurmat Sangeet is the blend of Sur and Shabad. When Sri Guru Nanak dev Ji told Bhai Mardana ” “and Bhai Mardana played the Rabab with his tuned hands and Guru Ji Sings divine Bani with his pious mouth, then all of sudden, hearts filled with malicious thoughts becomes filled with calmness.

With Guru Ji’s Mehar, I am blessed with the ability to teach Gurmat Sangeet. I started my Gurmat Sangeet learning Journey from Ustad Sarwan Singh Ji at Tarantaran and, later on, learned Classical Music from Ustad Jaswant Singh Ji Bhawara and Pandit Ganesh Prasad Ji. I taught Gurmat Sangeet at Gur Shabad Sangeet Academy, Jawaddi Taksal till 2014 where I served as a Principal of Academy. Currently, I am Director of Baba Sucha Sangeet Academy, Village Dharamkot, Jandiala Guru and resides there.

It is an immense pleasure for me to share this website with lovers of Gurmat Sangeet. You will learn from videos of various Shabads and Ragas and also Books on Gurmat Sangeets. I hope you will find this website useful.

Member Governing Body: Ishmeet Singh Music Institue (Punjab Govt.)

Anchor: Raag Ratan (Channel Punjab UK, 2006)

Producer: Raag Naad Shabad Sohne (FatehTV, 2013)


  • Punjabi Maa Boli Award, (Ludhiana 2007)
  • Gurmat Sangeet Award, (Zira, 2008)
  • Punjab Desh Sewa Ratan Award, (2010)
  • Sant Sujan Singh Award, (Delhi, 2010)
  • Bhai Samund Singh Award, (Lucknow, 2014)
  • First Bhai Amrik Singh ‘Zakhi’ Award, (Ludhiana, 2014)
  • Raag Naad Shabad Sohne Award, (Ludhiana, 2015)



  • Baba Sucha Singh Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Tarantaran.
  • Baba Sucha Singh Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Sri Amritsar.
  • Baba Harnaam Singh Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Zira.
  • Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Singapore.
  • Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Malaysia.
  • Bhai Mardana Ji Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Sohana (Mohali)
  • Sri Guru Granth Sahib Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Mumbai.
  • Guru Nanak Sangeet Academy, Pune.
  • Baba Fateh Singh Gurmat Sangeet Academy, Israna (Panipat)



  • 1st International Gurmat Sangeet Competition, 2008, Singapore.
  • 2nd International Gurmat Sangeet Competition, 2013, Singapore.
  • Bhalo Bhalo Re Kirtania, 2007
  • Bhalo Bhalo Re Kirtania, 2009
  • Gavo Sachi Bani, 2009
  • Anhad Naad, 2012, Delhi.
  • Anhad Naad, 2013. Delhi.
  • Raag Rata, 2015, Ludhiana.



  • Guru Nanak Sangeet Padhti Granth Part 1.
  • Guru Nanak Sangeet Padhti Granth Part 2.
  • Raag Saroop Nirnai Sri Guru Granth Sabhi.
  • Milbay ki Mehma – Parvachan Sant Baba Sucha Singh Ji
  • Gur Shabad Sangeet – 31 Main Ragas